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We launched the official BEDNAR FMT Facebook page on Friday 13 March 2015. To start with we have uploaded general information and new posts in English from our marketing department and from our territorial managers in their relevant local language to address the needs of the people in those localities. We strongly believe this will become the place where our large BEDNAR FMT community will gather and look at our premium machines which are used all around the world.

STRIEGEL-PRO: A Universal and Effective Aid in Pre-sowing Preparation and Crop Residue Management

The continuously increasing yield and decreasing animal production, create a problem in relation to the incorporation of crop residues in the stubble-field (straw). Therefore, BEDNAR has designed a new type of machine for fast and effective work with crop residue immediately after the harvest that can also be used in the spring pre-sowing preparation, particularly in heavy waterlogged soils.

SIMA 2015 – Two Years on the French Market for BEDNAR

In the last two years, BEDNAR has been strengthening its position in France, which is one of the most important agricultural technology markets. BEDNAR FMT officially entered the French market two years ago, at the 2013 SIMA Expo. SIMA 2015 was very different for BEDNAR to SIMA 2013 for many reasons. While in 2013 no-one in France knew who BEDNAR was and what machines they made, the situation is very different this year. The BEDNAR stand was visited by thousands of farmers and dealers who either own BEDNAR machines or offer them for sale.

BEDNAR introduces new products at AGROmashEXPO 2015

BEDNAR FMT has introduced new machines to the Hungarian market at the AGROmashEXPO and Agrárgépshow 2015 fair which took place on 28-31th of January on the grounds of HUNGEXPO in Budapest. More than 300 exhibitors and 42.000 visitors attended the most important show of the Hungarian agricultural sector.

Grass grower promotes the SWIFTER SO

Luxemburg grass growers, Van de Sluis Jacky and Conny, promoted the Bednar SWIFTER SO at their farm field day. Approximately 200 people visited this specialised field day, from over 20 countries throughout Europe. All of the interested people were farmers who are focused on grass growing in general. Sluis farm is the first partner in Luxemburg for Gruva Techniek BV (Bednar Benelux importer). The field day also introduced the V-mov 10, 5 m and 16 m large reel-mower for turf-production, which is produced in Gruva, Holland.

Row-Master -The specialist for sugar beet on ZS Slovec farm

The primary effect of inter-row hoeing is no longer through mechanical weed control but by the removal of soil crust that forms a few hours after rainfall. Unfortunately, torrential rain has become part of modern day farming practice. It is therefore a very important function of the soil water regime, which can be started by deep soil loosening using the chisel plows Terraland in the autumn and during vegetation, to support the regime of using an inter-row cultivator. Hoeing aerates the soil and makes oxygen more available to the beets. This is why a number of farms are returning to hoeing. Hoeing has a direct impact on yield and sugar content in beets.

Written about us: Farmers Guide

One of the newest options for UK farmers selecting cultivation machinery is Bednar, displayed at several dealer open days and demonstrations during 2013, but which made its official debut at Cereals 2014 following a formal importation agreement with Knight Farm Machinery. David Williams was invited to visit the Czech business to see what is behind its recent successes.

Written about us: Bednar brings Czech tillage engineering into Australia

The company recently had its SWIFTERDISC XE 10000 10 metre disc cultivator out on display at its Australian distributor FarmTech’s stand at the field days.

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