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MEGATRON Sales team visited BEDNAR factories in the Czech Republic

At the beginning of July (8,9,10) in 2014 for the sales team of Megatron EAD was organized trip to the Czech Republic to visit the factories of Bednar and visit agriculturally farms in the country. The trip began with a visit to the sales team at the head office of Bednar, located in Prague. The team was given the opportunity to walk and learn about the structure and organization in the main office of Bednar.

BEDNAR Field Day 2014

This year’s BEDNAR Field day, which was the largest ever, is over. Keeping with tradition, the event was organised in cooperation with the ZS Sloveč farm in Městec Králové on 25-26.6.

Fertilizer Magazine with Deep Loosening Feature – Higher Level of Intensification

The availability of productive soil has suffered a significant reduction all over the world. Any increase of sales in vegetable production by enlargement of cultivated areas is basically impossible. Affecting the realization prices remains only a dream for most farmers. What options does a farmer have then? Improving the intensity on existing fields proves to be the right way to go.

High quality seedbed preparation on ZP Vasil Dimitrov farm brings success

Dimitrov’s farm cultivates ap. 500 hectares around small village Proxlada located in Dulovo region. Farm started from the beginning only several years ago as part of ex –agricultural cooperative which was farming in Proxlada during communism time. Mr.Vasil Dimitrov brought new direction of farming.

A Historic field day for BEDNAR FMT

Keeping with tradition BEDNAR FMT held their field days, which are organized in cooperation with the ZS Slovec farm, in Mestec Kralove on 25-26.6. The plot just in front ZS Slovec‘s headquarters hosted the largest ever field days during which 22 combinations (tractors + machines) were presented in several rows.

The latest trends in crop production at DLG FELDTAGE

There are traditionally two major events in that draw in the international crowd in Germany, AGRITECHNIKA and DLG FELDTAGE. While Agritechnika is largely focused on farm mechanization, the DLG FELDTAGE outdoor the focus is directed towards the latest trends in crop reasearch and plant protection.

Meeting of machinery generations

In 2013 Bednar supplied first few machines to Lithuania after a long while. The SwifterDisc XO 8000 F excited management and owners of UAB "Kamės Ūkis" " We have never seeded such vast area in the autumn. Moreover in appropriate time. It is the merit solely of our new disc cultivator," they are cheering. The machine has covered the area of over 1.000 ha already twice. It was caught in the spring of 2014 being pulled by Kirovets K-701, 300 HP tractor still manufactured in late Soviet Union. Interesting detail - the tractor is older than it's operator and although struggling, but pulling modern wide cultivator. Really true meeting of machinery generations!

Capro-Petrovfarm has 4 years experience with SWIFTER SO6000

Back in 1992 the two brothers Petur and Kamen Petrov Vultchi Dol town, Varna area decided to farming and to this end created company "Capro-Petrov" OOD! For a number of years for soil preparation using traditional Russian and Bulgarian cultivators. Over time and as a result of their development in 2010 they decided it was high time to replace the machine for preparation of the soil for the purpose buy something modern, multifunctional and complex.

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