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Two events joined in Budapest

Beginning of the year means for Hungarian farmers an excellent chance to visit the largest farm event in Hungary. Happening of the affair was nearby a centre of capital city in HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. Participation of exhibitors has been up to 200 on about 30 000 m2. Stand of STROM BEDNAR has been on 300 m2 in the company of 4 machines.

For Hungarian farmers, beginning of the year means an excellent chance to visit the largest farm event in Hungary. The convention was held near the center of the capital city in HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. Participation of exhibitors was up to 200 on about 30 000 m2. The STROM BEDNAR stand was set up on 300 m2 and accompanied by 4 display machines. 





AGROmash EXPO (Budapest) + AgrargepShow (Etyek)





The year 2013 revealed two most important events in agriculture in Hungary. Unification of these affairs has reasonable advantages, one of the most important is that the visitors do not have to choose whether to attend AGROmash EXPO in Budapest or AgrargepShow in Etyek.  The centralization of these two events is beneficial for both the visitors and the exhibitors. Therefore the display stand of STROM BEDNAR was visited by a high amount of farmers. The majority of them were from Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Serbia.


 J.Bruzsi Area manager for Hungary (second from the left) and J.Bednar Export Sales manager (in the middle) are posing with native Hungarians.        shows the amount of visitors in AGROmash which has increased by about half when compared to last year’s attendance.  


“The Company has earned its position in the Hungarian market from the past and our sales have increased due to the hard work of our dealers. During the exhibition dealers were helpful. Most of the visitors were interested in disc cultivators ATLAS AO and newly presented SWIFTERDISC XO_F with integrated axle, A-DISC and the new rear SPRING packer. At this exhibition we also presented  for the first time our new company name STROM BEDNAR in Hungary.”, said Jozef Bruszi Area manager for Hungary.






 Shows the New logo STROM BEDNAR introduced to the Hungarian market  Shows a Dealer in a conversation with the customer, explaining to him the advantages of versatile cultivator FENIX FO


Event news from STROM BEDNAR in AGROmash EXPO

We have introduced 3 new products, the Swifter Disc XO_F disc cultivator, designed for high speed work. The latest model is the FENIX FO which has been designed for shallow stubble tillage or deep loosening, with option to work without rear packers due to an integrated axle. Disc cultivator ATLAS AO was already exhibited last year in Etyek. During the season 2012 we were successful in selling many units of this cultivator on the Hungarian market. Atlas became an important player in Hungary. In front of hall D visitors could take a look at our seedbed cultivator Swifter SO which is already one of the most popular seedbed cultivator in Europe, four years in a row.



Juraj Školka