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First Bednar Swifter SE 10000 in Dobrich region

Company MEGATRON distributor of BEDNAR Farm Machinery organised during spring season demo tour of seedbd cultivators. One of the large models Swifter SE 10000 (working width 10m) was tested in Dobrich region on large farms which are located in this agriculture region.

Spring demos in Bulgaria

„Swifter SE is a very compact machine but with large working width offering to farmer very versatile usage during spring and summer season.“ says Veselin Petkov (Area manager of Bednar for Bulgaria). „We have organized together with Megatron demo tours of Swifter models during spring season. We reached great feedback from farmers during demos and first machiens were already delievered.“ adds eng. Veselin Petkov. 

Bednar Swifter demo tour Bulgaria, spring 2014

Field of corn after seedbed preparation with Swifter 

Just first demo of Swifter SE in Dobrich region brought success

Megatron launched in demos 6m and 10m models of Swifters. Swifter SE 10000 was tested in one of the largest bulgarian farm in Dobrich region. „ A long time we had a plan to buy new productive machine for perfect preparation of the soil. Finally in the month of April 2014 we chose cultivator - compactor BEDNAR brand, model SWIFTER SE10000 for our tractor John Deere 9630 (After a long time researching and comparing different brands and models). Now , at the beginning of June I can honestly say that the choice we made is very accurate. This cultivator - compactor we have worked more than 1 100 hectares and categorically declare , that the machine is in perfect conditions , and the quality of the work - more than excellent. Precisely for these reasons, we planned a buying at least 1 or 2 pieces SWIFTER SO6000 for next year!” confirmed main agronomist of farm.

Excellent seebed preparation in just one pass

Swifter SE in new home in Dobrich area

Veselin Petkov
Area manager, Bulgaria
+35 988 9523227