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Demonstration tour of the Terraland TO in Romania

Deep loosening is becoming  more  and more popular in Romania. The absence of irrigation systems where farming,  is  highly dependent on the quantity and periods of rainfall,  are the main reasons why Romanian farmers are switching to deep tillage. Management of soil moisture is one of the basic things which causes  problems for European farmers. In cases of heavy rain where the fields are waterlogged or periods of drought and dry soil, deep tillage is the solution  for these two problems.

Terraland TO 4000 was tested in the Western part of Romania

The first demonstration  was done at the beginning of July on NicolaieApopis’ farm, which is situated in Giulvăz village (Timiș region ). The Bednar team together with SC IPSO Agricultură (distributor of Bednar in Romania) adjusted the Bednar Terraland TO 4000 which was then tested behind a Case IH Quadtrac 450. The Terraland TO 4000 (working  width 4m, hydraulic non-stop securing, rear spiky tandem rollers) was  tested on a barley stubble field which had been recently harvested on different working depthsof between 25 cm to 55 cm, and also at different working pressures. The Terraland TO worked in two different plots, a loose one  with an easy soil and another witha more heavier  compacted soil.
The average working speed was around 8-9 km/h, the farmer stopped the machine several times  to measure the working depth. Excellent results were achieved incorporating a large volume of crop residues and destroying the plough pan in just one pass. 

Terraland TO 4000 on the first plot, set at 35 cm working depth.

The chisel plough on the second plot at 8 km/h working speed.

Benefits ofthe integrated axle

One of the most appreciated benefits of the TO by the farmers is its concept of the transport axle being placed between the working tines. This technical solution is extremely important for autumn or winter usage of the machine. The Terraland TO can work without rear packers (no blocking of packers) in cases of very wet conditions and there are no tracks left behind from the machine. The Second benefit of the axle integration is a smaller radius of turning on the headlands in comparison to the traditional positioning of the axle.

Bednar Terraland TO is a solution for the large areas

Our co-operation with the East European farmers emphasisedthe need to process deep soil whilst still getting a good daily performance. Tractors over 350 HP are becoming more commonplace and not only in eastern Europe, The Terraland TO is the machine which can offer you deep tillage and performance. The Terraland TO is equipped with a rear drawbar suitable for pulling other implaments to complete the deep tillage: The Cutterpack (trailed packer) for seedbed preparation in just one pass or the Presspack (trailed packer) to compact the topsoil and prevent moisture loss.

Stubble deep tillage done by Terraland TO 4000.

Seedbed preparation just in one pass - Terraland TO with Cutterpack CT. 

Romanian farmers follow European technology

Mr. Apopi,firstnoticed the Terraland TO atthe last Agritechnicain 2013. Prior to this he had farm tested other machines. The feedback after 2 days of trials with the Terraland TO was very positive especially from an agronomical point of view. His 450HPtractor pulleda 4meter working width with ease so that is why he decided to opt for the wider model , The Terraland TO 5000.

Measuring working depth after setting the machine at 55 cm.

Farmers at a demonstration  with the BEDNAR service team. 

Daniela Culda
Manager teritorial România
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