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The first SwifterDisc XO_F in Bulgaria

In 2014 the Bednar Company – manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the Czech republic. Together with Megatron EAD presented to the Bulgarian market of agricultural machinery, its latest generation of light short disc harrow machine. The swifter disc xo-f model.  

The latest model now has integrated transport axels, twin disc one arm system along with a new generation of working discs – aggressive ‘A’  discs. It also has additional support wheels available, and several other innovative improvements from the previous model. The new machine was officially presented at the BATA AGRO agricultural show at the end of august 2014, where it attracted a lot of interest.

Swifter Disc XO6000_F at the BATA AGRO 2014 

One of the visitors at the exhibition showed a lot of interest in the Swifter Disc XO6000_F, A Mr. Deyan Lichev of company "Lichev-47-L.Lichev D.Lichev" ET. Mr Lichen works  land in Svetlina ,  Haskovo district .

"It is time to begin replacing our outdated equipment , that we currently run, with more modern ones, that meet todays requirements and technology in agriculture," - said Mr. Lichev.

Old disc harrow… 

After extensive and in-depth market research of agricultural equipment, Mr. Lichev  chose the  SwifterDisc XO6000_F. His basic criteria and reasons for choosing this machine were  it’s integrated transport axle, the new working body, and the "twin discs on one arm system" along with the additional support wheels (as there are many slopes).

The new machine is now operating on Mr. Lichevs’ farm and is mainly used for the final treatment of the soil immediately before the sowing of winter wheat. Along with the final processing, thanks to the excellent quality of the SwifterDisc XO6000_F light short disc harrow, the burial of fertilizers for winter wheat are done.

Mr. Lichev personally took an active part in putting the machine to  use. The machine was coupled to a John Deere tractor, model 8260R.

Mr. Lichev getting personally acquainted with the structure of SwifterDisc XO_F 

After carrying out the necessary settings - mainly the working depth of the machine according to the requirements of the owner, the machine was put into operation. After the first few more passes the difference in the quality of the cultivated soil was visible to the naked eye. 

Before treatment with SwifterDisc XO6000_F 

After treatment with SwifterDisc XO6000_F 

The machine is constructed in such a way that it allows operation at very high speeds - up to 15 km / h, which increases the daily performance of the unit, as well as reducing the cost of treatment per unit area.
"I am very pleased with the quality of the final tillage, the excellent mixing of the fertilizers with soil, the swelling alignment and the high performance of the unit" - said Mr. Lichev !!!

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