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The Bednar SE 12000 arrives on Picardes' land

With its bright yellow colour and 12 metres of width the Bednar Swifter 12000 is very noticeable  in Picardes’ country. The BEDNAR company introduced the first machine of this size on the French market .Welcome to XXL work. 

This seedbed cultivator is distinguishable from the others by its design composed of three frames which are mounted on a parallelogram, designed for high speeds, large width and to work on  ploughed land.

The Swifter is built with many elements which (described below) follow the forward direction of the tool.

Four rows of SB- tines especially used for sugar beets.

Frame design

The Swifter´s frame is constructed in three sections. The first is a supporting frame carrying the gauge wheels which are supported on the second parallelogram frame. The rolling frame supports all the components for preparation of the seedbed. The third frame design supports requirements for the width of this tool.

The Case Quadtrac 500 easily tows the 10 tons of the Swifter.

Stability of the machine

The advantages of the Swifter design are better shock absorption of the first frame while working on ploughed land, better rolling effect on the soil using the second frame and various working adjustments for work in depths from 3 to 12 cm. This concept allows for the machines wide width using high power traction at speeds of 12 to 15 km/h.

The picture above illustrates the set of the three frame construction. The first frame carrying the BEDNAR logo is positioned above the second frame fixed on a parallelogram. The last frame which is black in color carries the tines.

The Swifter machines range from 3 to 18 meters and are produced in a mounted, semi-mounted and trailed versions according to the width of the machine. The machine is very suitable for transport due to its compact construction using an excellent upward folding systems controlled from the drivers cabin. Transport of the machine is allowed up to the speed of 25 km/h.