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Bednar Swifter SN 4000 working in the Dutch soil

In the month of March we started the preparation for seeding of several crops in the Southern part of Holland. On a dutch farm in the West-Zeeuw vlaanderen  area , We started the first preparation with a Bednar SN 4000 and a 100 HP Massey Ferguson 5445 tractor.

The area where the machine was working had a heavy clay soil. It was being prepared for barley and sugar beet. The Swifter SN 4000 with a working width of 4 metres created a perfect seeding bed. Using a 100 HP tractor  it was no problem at all to prepare the ground for seeding with a 4 metre wide Swifter SN 4000. The Swifter prepared a perfect layer for the seeding machine. The machine was used carrying a front leveling bar, slatted front roller, 4 rows with 62 gamma tines, rear leveling bar, and 2 little slatted rollers (Optional) to create a perfect seeding layer.

Due to the heavy soil the ground was prepared for a first layer and after the sun had dried out the ground, the Swifter went over for a second time and prepared the perfect seed bed. In light soil, a first pass would be enough to create the seeding bed.

When the machine is folded the outside width is only 2,33 metre and no more, so perfect for on the road whilst transporting. For farmers who don’t need this, there is also a rigid version off 4 metres. The Swifter SN can be supplied in 3, 4, 5 meter carried. Also the swifter can be in pulled in versions from 4 up to even 18 metre widths