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Nicolas Pinchons’ experience on using the Swifter SE 12000: “A good seedbed cultivator pro

Cnsr is an agricultural holding located near Saint-Quentin in Aisne, France. BEDNAR delivered through their dealer DAVID directly from the SIMA show 2015 a large seedbed cultivator the Swifter  SE 12000 (operating with a width of 12 m) for sugar beet seedbed preparation.  Cnsr´s farm manager, Nichlos Pinchon, describes his first feelings after the  working of 900 ha.

Swifter SE 12000 is a machine which has very compact transport dimensions but large working width.

With a need to prepare 500 ha of sugar beet land the Cnsr required a cultivator with a large width which would provide excellent results at very high speeds… Their requirements were met by the Swifter SE 12000 introduced by BEDNAR this spring..

To ensure the excellent soil structure Cnsr is using its Swifter in a double pass system to prepare a  fine seedbed on 900 ha.

With the double pass system, performance reaches the level of 90 ha per day. With the one pass system the Swifter results are 190 ha per day, all with speeds between 12 to 15 km/h.


Nicolas Pinchon CSNR farm managers first impressions are very positive. “The Swifter crumbles the soil to the same working depth over the entire width of the machine and provides us with great levelling of the field.”
The Swifter is designed for better shock absorption, better rolling effect on the soil and various working adjustments for work in depths from 3 to 12 cm. Watch video attached to previous article “The Bednar’s SE 12000 arrives on Picardes land” to find out more information about its design.


The design of the frame allows precise contouring of the land due to a Wave-Flex system.

Due to the center of gravity and oustanding work of the hydraulic cylinders the Swifter is able to work at angles ranging from plus 10° to minus 10°.

The back of the machine is composed of crosskill rollers spaced from 15 cm followed by a lower mounted finish slatted roller to provide better compaction on the seedbed.

The fine soil seedbed structure is ensured by the set of crosskill and finishing rollers at the back of the machine. 

About the settings, Nicolas Pinchon says: “The settings are very efficient. All are hydraulic components with a mechanical lock.Working depth of the tines is adjusted  by one setting element and the setting of the crushbar is very simple”.


The Quadtrac 500 easily tows a width of 12 m. On flat land the engine load is about 60 % of the power traction, It’s good news for Nicolas Pinchon who explains that some parts of his field have steep sloping areas and that the tractor power is sufficient to maintain a good working speed. Without the hills it could easily tow the same tool with a  width of 14 m.

The swifter is adapted to the relief of land with four frames which carry the tines. The hydraulic cylinders give a working angle ranging from  10° +/-.

The farm manager also objectively mentioned a few negatives of the Swifter concept. “The soil could be more compressed, however, it works way better than my last cultivator. Backing up must be done only when the machine is well lifted up to avoid the contact of the crushbar with the soil,” he stated that he would recommend the machine to other French farmers.

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