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ROW-MASTER RN_S introduced to experts at Désherb'Avenir IV.

Last year BEDNAR launched a new inter-row cultivator the Row-Master RN_S specialising on the hoeing of sugar beet. The new Row-Master RN_S was developed in close cooperation with the larger sugar beet growers whos experience was used in the design of the Row-Master RN_S. This specialised machine was displayed for the first time at the indoor show SIMA (Paris) in February and in the middle of May on a demo field day at Désherb'Avenir IV, organized by the Institute technique de la Betterave (ITB) – the french institute for sugar beet.

Désherb'Avenir IV.

Désherb'Avenir is the largest field show for  experts and sugar beet growers. The show  focuses on new trends in planting, hoeing and plant protection of sugar beet. This year the show took place in Tourny, close to Paris. The French team of BEDNAR introduced the Row-Master to suger beet experts and growers not only from France as the show was attended by many visitors from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. 

Désherb'Avenir the shows which introduces new trends to sugar beet growing

Introduction of the Bednar Row-Master RN 5400 S (12 rows) in front of the experts.

Row-Master RN_S is ready for hard soil crusts

„Row-Master RN_S was built with input from farmers and it is noticeable. The machine has a lot of technical advantages which makes the  hoeing of sugar beet simple, effective and of high quality. The weed control is only one part of hoeing the other part which is even more important is the removal of the soil crust. Sudden changes in weather rain, sun then rain again can  block the topsoil and crops cannot breathe. That’s why the Row-Master has each working unit on a paralelogram linkage placed in rubber segments. This makes the machine unique on the market and ready to penetrate very  hard soil crusts.“, said Damien Digard ( area manager France) about the Row-Master RN_S . The Row-Master RN_S can be equipped with a camera which is able to guide the cultivator right on the rows  from leafs of beet. That’s very important for the right growth of beets.

Description of the Row-Master RN_S before hoeing.

Evaluation of the Row-Masters quality of work 

The Row-Master RN_S can be equiped with a self-guidance system using monitoring of growth.

The Row-Master has side frames flanges on. Thanks to this feature a 12 row machine can be extended to 18 rows.    

Damien Digard shows the growth of beet. Sufficient access of air and very good soil structure.

Damien Digard gives an interview to a french journalist.