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Australian farmers get the Terraland TO experience

The Terraland technology of deep ripping and soil mixing, is suitable for most farmers in Europe. The First farmer in Western Australia who tried this technology was Paul Messina. He is a farmer with 9500 ha on a crop growing program near Geraldton.  


The Terraland TO at a 6m working width and with the latest frame version. Using carbide and hard faced designed chisels, because of the very abrasive sandy soils. The Terraland was pulled with a Quadtrack at 7,5 km/h.  The depth was controlled at 55 cm. 

Light soil conditions, but hard to grow any plants. 


Expectation from Terraland technology

The technology of the Bednar Terraland is designed to help the farmer bring the sub soil, which is richer in organic matter, more to the surface and besides that rip a deep  profile. The reason is that  Pauls’ arable area is mainly on sandy soils which are light, but because of the small sandy grains it is compacting and hardening very easily and thus the plant roots are unable to reach the deeper soil profile. Using the Terraland will possibly save the plant in the dry season when the roots are deep enough and are reaching the wet soil. The shape of the Terraland tine matched with the 80mm chisels did a great job of bringing up the soil from below with a higher clay content which increases the soils nutrient holding capacity and increases Potassium content of the topsoil. It also reduces non wetting sand as it is diluted with clay resulting from the mixing action of the Terraland. The Terraland leaves the soil enriched with extra nutrient mixed well throughout the profile with no hard pans down to 55cm and firms and evenly mixes the topsoil with the tadem spikey roller. The soil is left in excellent condition ready for seeding.

Probe to proove that the Terraland is ripping deep enough and mixing properly.

RESULT: On the right hand side of the ruler you can see the obvious difference of the crop height (seeding was at the same time).