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Deep tillage with preservation of the soil moisture before the seeding of oil seed rape

After the Spring barley harvest we start with deep tillage before the establishment of oil seed rape. ZS Dynin a.s. (a large czech agroholding)  chose the so called british way of soil preparation, which startswith deep tillage and moves up to shallower soil layersleading up to seeding. At this satge the Terraland TO 6000 was set to work ripping down to 35cm depth followedby the spreading of poultry manure that is being incorporated by the tined cultivator and thenthe seedbed preparation and soil levelling by a seedbed cultivatorthe Swifter SE 12 000 andthen the seeding of oil seed rape as a final operation.

Since the drought and heat resulted in a water deficiency the need for water preservation in the soil has become a big topic. Appropriate agronomy needs soil consolidation so water can be stored even at shallow depths. In order to proccess this in accordance with agronomic needs the Terraland TO was aggregated with a packer. With a choice to be made, ZS Dynin ordered the Presspack packer that crushes the soil clods and closes up the upper layer so the soil can retain demanded water. Had this not been done water would have evaporated from the bottom ofthe soil profile.

Trailed packer the Presspack PT 6000 with aggregation tothe Terraland TO 6000.

Tractor and tools are easy to transport from one field to another.

Two important working operations before seeding oil seeds rape are done during one pass.

Due to the telescopic drawbar of the Presspack it cannot collide while turning at the headlands.

While ripping dry soil, tools must ensure preservation of soil moisture in the top layer.

Results of deep tillage without a Presspack on the left and using the Presspack packer on the right. Results are obvious.

Presspack packer is capable of an intensive cutting effect. Soil clods are easily crushed.

Ripped at a depth of 32 cm and consolidated by the Presspack during one pass.

Overview of excellent job – basic agronotechnic before seeding oil seed rape is well done.