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Greening in Holland

The new rules in modern Dutch agriculture were extended by increasing the intensity of green manure use as part of a new farming system. Ideally, the low-cost solution for meeting the requirements of government is seeding “green” seeds during the first stubble cultivation after harvesting. A Disc cultivator the SwifterDisc XN equipped with a sowing unit the Alfa Drill machine are suitable machines  for this field operation.

The right tool for greening

The SwifterDisc with unique A-discs perfectly cut and mix the crop residues into the soil, the soil is thus ideally prepared for the germination of the new crop. Seeds of green manure are spread by distribution terminals in front of the rear packer.The  Packer presses the seed into the soil, the seed begins to germinate immediately, and within a short time creates a massive green covering. This Green covering  is  then incorporated into the soil profile and thus increases the content of nitrogen in the soil.

The SwifterDisc with an Alfa Drill

Mounted short disc cultivator the SwifterDisc XN is equipped with a platform on which is placed a seeding unit the Alfa Drill. The  Hopper is easily accessible thanks to the convenient staircase for ease of filling. Seed is transported pneumatically from the metering unit to distribution terminals.


Ing. Jan Bednář
Export Sales Manager