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With BEDNAR machines in the spring

The BEDNAR FMT company offers not only machines, but also offers comprehensive technology lines that deal with anything from after-harvest residues, to soil structure regeneration and the establishment of new crops and nutrition. When establishing spring crops, it is necessary to pay special attention to the placement of seeds in a high-quality seedbed with favourable soil moisture and with a minimum number of passes across the plot of land. The SWIFTER pre-sowing compactors and OMEGA seed drills made by the BEDNAR company, a Czech manufacturer of agricultural machinery, meet such requirements.

Without unnecessary loss of moisture

Spring pre-sowing preparation should be carried out qas early as possible, but at the same time, only when the soil is sufficiently mellow. Especially in the spring season, the frequency of entering the plot should be limited to a minimum. Therefore, pre-sowing preparation needs to be carried out in a single pass so as to avoid undesirable soil compaction and drainage problems. This is one of the many advantages of BEDNAR SWIFTER pre-sowing compactors. These machines are able to prepare a seedbed from 2 to 12 cm, with the option to select from several working sections so as to be maximally economical with soil moisture when working. The seedbed is of particular importance for spring barley. An ideal and fine seedbed structure allows barley to create a rich root system.

Years of experience with SWIFTER compactors

BEDNAR SWIFTER pre-sowing compactors work in many farms throughout all the continents and their qualities are confirmed by the fact that farmers, having good experience with them, use them again and again. One such enterprise is the company ZEMO Bohaté Málkovice that farms on 1,820 hectares of land. They have been using SWIFTER pre-sowing combinators since 2007. At that time, they purchased amachine with a working mesh of 12 meters. In 2011, following their excellent experience, they decided to exchange the model for a machine with a wider working mesh, namely 16 meters. With it they are able to prepare up to 110 hectares for two seed drills during spring. Mr. Milan Bartošek, the executive director of the company ZEMO, thinks that the pre-sowing combinator is of great benefit to them: “Swifter does an invaluable job for us. With a large daily output, we are able to prepare the plot at a required quality, in an optimal time, while being economical with soil moisture.“

Mr. Milan Bartošek, the executive director of the company ZEMO Bohaté Málkovice

Precise seed placement

Seeding is no doubt one of the most important working operations that predetermine the future yield. Regardless of the crop being seeded, it is important that this operation is carried out with the best quality possible. Therefore, OMEGA seed drills are designed having precise seed placement in mind, both in minimization and conventional soil tillage technology. They are based on the time-tested concept of compact seeding combinations integrating several working operations. Soil preparation is provided by a section of discs of 520 mm in diameter that are placed in pairs (twin-disc system). The central pneumatic packer with an offset arrangement (reducing the traction resistance) for overall soil consolidation before seeding and seed coulters with an inter-row spacing of 12.5 cm (or 16.5 cm). However, years of research have shown that seeding when the inter-row spacing is 12.5 cm provides better conditions for grains to create offshoots and for ear development.

Precise placement of seeds along the entire working mesh is ensured by the PSP system (Precise Seed Placement). It consists of a parallelogram that keeps the twin-disc seed coulters at a constant seeding depth even when the plot of land is uneven. Seeding precision of a seed coulter and ideal contouring of the soil surface is supported by rubber support wheels. Pressure on the seed coulters (up to 120kg) can be easily set centrally - hydraulically from the tractor´s cab. In the company ZEA Rychnovsko, they have been using an OMEGA seed drill for two years. Mr. Miroslav Šimerda, crop farming manager, evaluates the seed drill as follows: “In 2014, we had a chance to try out a BEDNAR OMEGA seed drill and we kept it. In 2015, we used it to seed 250ha of spring crops, 327ha of oilseed rape, which we managed to establish nicely despite the drought, and 410ha of winter wheat. All our crops look great after using the OMEGA seed drill and I am satisfied with the quality of seeding. During its first two seasons, we have seeded nearly two thousand hectares with it to our satisfaction.“

Last year, at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover, a major innovation of BEDNAR seed drills was presented, namely the coulter section behind the front row of discs. This section is mainly used on heavy types of soil during spring and summer seeding. During spring seeding, the seed drill works only with the coulter section in the soil so as to prevent the front disc section from bringing the soil up and mixing it (see photo 2). On the contrary, when seeding oilseed rape, both the sections (coulter and disc section) are working so as to ensure ideal crushing of clods and preparation of ideal seeding conditions (see photo 3).

Offset arrangement of the coulter section prevents it from being clogged.

OMEGA seed drills allow emptying and calibration in the rear section of the seed drill.

Use of the coulter section particularly during spring seeding.

Use of the coulter section particularly in autumn.