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The Bednar importer 4AG in New Zealand gets ready for all conditions: Part 1.

The end of the New Zealand summer season brings crowds of farmers to an outdoor exhibition in Gore in New Zealand's South Island. BEDNAR participated at this event together with importer 4AG from the North Island. This event was situated 12 km out of Gore in the traditional green hilly place of Waimumu. The exhibition itself pointed to the latest rural technologies, ideas from local and worldwide inventors.

4AG successfully  introduced the new disc technology from BEDNAR at this exhibition, the ATLAS HO concept attracted a lot of farmers as the size of the discs (diameter 660mm) and robust body can obviously break through the soil easier. The conditions in New Zealand can be said to  have various  soil types from flat land to under mountain areas with rocks and clay.

Brent Reiks explaining the advantages of well known machine in New Zealand Fenix FO.

Nearly the whole Bednar portfolio displayed at the exhibition, with strong support from 4AG.

The Second machine introduced by Bednar was the Mulcher MZ 6000. Most of the farmers found the most important point of the Mulcher  was the hot tip galvanized body. Also the possibility to upgrade or downgrade the configuration dependent on the farmers’ land.

Day competition of weight pulling with tractors.

Comparison of the older model Atlas AO ( borrowed from a local contractor) and the new model ATLAS HO

The third machine introduced was the Bednar seedbed cultivator Swifter SO 6000F which is well known in Europe. Besides the new machinery on the stand of 4AG, farmers had a chance to see the Swifterdisc XO_F, Atlas AO, Fenix FO, Terraland TN 3000 M7R and a demonstration Terraland TN 3000 M5R.
Hamish Reiks one of the owners of 4AG comments:
“We like to cooperate with Bednar, this company is running with the latest technological implements  and farmers in New Zealand are always looking to improve their farm land. Our company 4AG is specialized in soil cultivation with a long family history. Together with the  Bednar portfolio  we are able to satisfy customer needs. Our next company goal is to expand more strongly here and to South Island.“

Alan Reiks  in conversation about mulching and grass tipping procedure with Bednar Mulcher.

Demonstration of TN 3000 M5R on grass land with lots of rocks.



Juraj Skolka
Export Manager