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Delivery of "military" rotary cutters to Sweden

BEDNAR rotary cutters MULCHER are popular throughout the world, mainly due to a technical solution that makes them powerful tools in the toughest conditions. It's been several years since BEDNAR delivered first pieces of Mulchers to Swedish army. Because these machines have proven in the harsh conditions of the Swedish military bases, Bednar became again the supplier of cutters for the coming years.

Military color

Compared to the initial contract with the second one conditions of the Purchaser changed, an essential condition was the color code that corresponds to military requirements, so that the machine is the least conspicuous and matched with other military machines. BEDNAR had to adapt the technology so that galvanized machine parts were sprayed with the desired dark green. Paint was applied to the zinced bodies of cutters, so that machines are inconspicuous and very resistant. Those parts of the machine that are in the agricultural version in yellow, are in the military version black.

Additional equipment

Besides changing the colors were extended box for a replacement blades. Expectations from machines are high daily performance in harsh conditions, the operator must have wear parts in case of urgency.