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BEDNAR Machines in South America

BEDNAR supplies machines to all active continents except for South America – but that is about to change. In the spring of 2015, BEDNAR machines were delivered to the Agricola Rademacher y CIA.LTDA Farm in Chile that manages 2,000 hectares. They grow similar crops as in Europe: cereals, rape, flax and potatoes. 

Technology of Specific Fertilization with Deep Soil Loosening

The technology of deep soil loosening with TERRALAND chisel ploughs complemented with the FERTI-BOX fertilization and soil compaction in dry regions using PRESSPACK is very popular and it is becoming more and more popular outside of Europe. “It’s an integrated system that verifiably increases the yield potential of plants,” says Jan Bednář, the Export Manager. The technology was developed together with leading Czech farms that also achieve excellent results thanks to the technology. In Chile, a TERRALAND with FERTI-BOX is mainly used for potatoes and rape.  

BEDNAR machines working on the farm in Chile. 

The set includes FERTI-BOX FB 3000 – a fertilizer bin, the TERRALAND TO 5000 chisel plough and PRESSPACK PT 5000.

Control of the second growth with straw harrows

Last year, BEDNAR introduced the STRIEGEL-PRO 12000 straw harrows. There are two reasons for the use of this type of machine: uniform spreading of post-harvest residues on the lots and control of the fall-out, especially of fine-grained crops such as rape. In Chile, STRIEGEL-PRO works on the rape stubble-field where it replaces stubble cultivation and finely mixes seeds with the soil to start the second growth. 

Cristopher Jequier, Plant Production Manager at Agricola Rademacher y CIA.LTDA

Filling up FERTI-BOX.

The STRIEGEL-PRO PE straw harrows with a coverage of 12 metres were delivered to the farm in Chile. 

STRIEGEL-PRO 12000 replaces stubble cultivation on the rape stubble field.