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Terraland DO working in extreme conditions

Combined chiselplough Terraland DO is designed to operate even in the most extreme conditions of the autumn season. Individually secured large front discs 660 mm cut crop residues and turning the top soil. Tines with a hydraulic auto-reset system are positioned into four rows and this allows perfect material throughput and a working depth of 45 cm.

Integrated axle is ideal for autumn preparation

The machine has an integrated transport axle between the working tines. This technical solution allows operation without a rear packer. The rear roller is ideal for summer soil preparation, which causes backend consolidation of land plots to prevent drying out. Conversely, in winter it is better to leave the soil without re-consolidation. Inequality in fields used for capturing snowfalls that retain the moisture for spring crops. Rolling the soil in the fall is due to wind loss of snowfalls, which usually ends in a ditch by the roadside.

Terraland DO 6500 works in winter, incorporating chicken droppings

Terraland DO 6500 works in difficult conditions without rearpacker

Testing of the Terraland DO 6500 north of the Czech Republic

Although it is after Christmas, the Terraland DO 6500 is still operating within the Czech demo tour of 2016. Currently, the machine handles land in northern Bohemia, near Usti nad Labem with a tractor a Case Quadtrac 620. The operator relishes working without the packer. Machines that are available on the farm for deeper processing are all equipped with rear tire packers, soil is needlessly compacted, additionally tire packers serve as transporter packers. Under the current circumstances, it means the using of these machines with tire packers means cleaning roads after every transport from the fields.

Discs 660 mm, each disc is suspended individually

Plots with ridge swhich keep the snowfalls on the field

Machine with rear tyre packerstay on the yard. Soil retains moisture from snowfall  after these machines are useds

Heavy steel Cutpack packers is ideal for summer operations but for winter operations the packer stays in the farmyard