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First BEDNAR machine in Egypt

At the beginning of 2017 we delivered our first machine to Egypt. It is the biggest seedbad cultivator from the BEDNAR product range – the SWIFTER SM18000. This machine that can do 8 working operations in one pass, which can perfectly level an uneven surface, through the independent placement section.

This paticular machine is almost fully equipped. Track eradicators, CRUSHBAR – paddle levelling bar operated by tractor hydraulics, front crumbling roller, 4 rows with spring shares (SB-section), leveling bar, dual row slatted crumbling roller and finish crumbling roller.

Al Dahra Agriculture

The project, of the state of Egypt and investors from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is located close to Lake Nasser on the river Nil. We are in the region of Ramesse II. and in the desert. The idea was to set up new fields and produce potatoes as well as lentils, corn and wheat. For the first 2-3 years will be  necessary to drill alfalfa and use 98% sulphuric acid to reduce the high alkaline soils.

Because of the weather it is also necessary to use irrigation on all the fields. For this the first step was to build a main water canal from Lake Nasser (about 50 km away and  and 30 meters higher). The pump station on the lake cost about 1,5 billion US dolars and was payed by the Egyptian government. From the main canal the water is split into 4 different projects led by 4 different companies.

Al Dahra Agriculture is one of them and it´s project is the biggest one. At this moment about 1 000 Ha are seeded and another aprox. 45 000 Ha in preparation. After own experience in Russia the head manager of the project Mr William Borlase decided on our machine. He worked for several years with a StromExport Swifter SS/ST which is the forebearer of the new Swifter SM machine.

Our first work with the new machine was to show that also „the best“ can be improved. We leveled a new „field“ in the desert and prepared for seeding. The test was done with a Case Steiger 500 with double wheels. For standard use there is the Challanger MT875E which has about 90 HP more. For these sandy soil conditions we decided to slow down the work to aproximately 8,5 km/hour. The surface after using the Swifter was fully prepared and there was no clogging up.