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Long-Life Chisels Last Six Times Longer in the Budíškovice Coop

“The Long Life chisels last six times longer than regular chisels in our conditions. They proved to be very beneficial during the dry period and proved themselves so we no longer use any other chisels on the machine,” says Jiří Mátl, the Mechanisation Technician of the Budíškovice Coop.

The quality of the working parts plays an important role in the operation of soil cultivating machines. Standard chisels are prone to high wear and tear due to the soil abrasion, reduction of humus in soil and compaction caused by agricultural technology. Therefore, the working part must often be regulated to a new depth and the quality of work becomes insufficient as a result.

BEDNAR has been offering highly resistant chisels to its customers with carbide plates for its machines the Terraland, Fenix and now the Swifter.

The Long Life chisels give up to seven times longer service life in relation to the working machine, depth, width, soil, humidity, tractor output, travelling speed and location of the chisels. The Long Life chisels maintain a stable working depth and provide better recessing, lower requirements for the pulling force thanks to the permanently sharp edges and they require almost no adjustments to the working depth due to wear and tear. As a result, their benefits include saving time and costs needed for the replacement of chisels, longer use of the machine in the season, lower costs of expendable parts per hectare and optimal use of the tractor output.

The Budíškovice Coop that manages 1,933 hectares in South Bohemia has tested the benefits of the chisels. They used the chisels last year in the dry period and they were satisfied to such a level they have decided to only use the Long Life chisels.

Long Life chisels after 50 hectares look as good as new

Standard chisels after 50 hectares show a large level of wear and tear