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Delivering a New BEDNAR Omega OO 3000L Seed Drill

On the 28th March 2017, STROM Praha a.s., Louny Branch, a Bednar machinery distributor, delivered a lighter version of the new BEDNAR Omega OO 3000L seed drill, with a plastic hopper, to their long-standing customer, Mr. Miloš Holub from Slatina pod Hazmburkem.

Miloš Holub manages 73 hectares of fertile heavier black soil around Slatina. He mainly deals with standard plant production and in addition to wheat, he also grows rapeseed, and spring barley and peas. He also provides harvest technology services.

The machine is equipped with a front hydraulic leveller.

The calibration of the seeding amount is executed in the rear part of the machine.

In the summer of 2015, Mr. Holub rented the show Omega machine with a width of 4 metres. He was very satisfied with the machine; especially, the Profi coulter section, installed after the double-row preparation discs  proved to be very useful in the heavy soil conditions.

The machine equipment, plus the spacing of the drill coulters at 12.5cm proved to be crucial when selecting a machine for this year’s season, as Mr  Holub decided to purchase from the Czech manufacturer, Bednar FMT, from  among the competing international manufacturers.

Demonstration of the seed drill in 2015.

First sown hectares in aggregation with Fortera 12441.

We would like to thank the seller of the machine, Mr. František Kos from the company for his good work in presenting the seed drill that led to its sale, and we wish our customer, Mr. Miloš Holub many happily worked hectares.