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Farm story Australia 2

In the second part of the Australian farm story we bring news from different farms in Western Australia. All of these farms have had a major problem with soil hardening pans. After the experience with Terraland TO we can say one pass of ripping gives a quick revitalization to the soil and farms get very good results on the yields afterwords. 

UVEE FOUR FARMS where work manager Scot Morgan is farming on 7500 Ha. In the fields grows canola on 1125 Ha, wheat on 5250 Ha and lupine also on 1125 Ha. Soil type of the fields is sand clay and gravel. Problems on the field were compaction, accidity-low pH, mixing and deep pan hardening.

They used a BEDNAR product –the Terraland TO 6000 CTF with tractor CNH Quad track 500 on tracks. Depth control for the lupines was 500 mm and for wheat 550 mm.

Farm renovated on 1000 ha. There were little trails in different areas and bigger trails on lupines.

Scot Morgan knows Bednar machinery from Mingenew Expo and got recommendations from farmers Rob Kitto and Paul Messina.

Totad Gin Farming which is the family farm of the Dalton’s is managing 8500 ha. On the fields grows wheat, canola, barley, oats, fill peas, lupines. Problems on the field were hard pan, incorporating, mixing, extra nutrients reaching and dead soil in low profiles.

They used the BEDNAR product – the Terraland TO 6000 CTF. Depth was between 350-450 mm. It depended on parts of the arable areas. On the hill side hard pan, was at depth of 350 mm.

Dalton´s family farm renovated 750 ha all in canola. After using a Terraland TO 6000 CTF there were decreasing differences in soil profile and good mixing organic mass. It was better for germination and soil aeration. Terraland brings potassium to the upper soil profile.

After ripping there was a big difference in soil profile, nice even length of canola and thick stubbles. Plants are strongerwith massive straight root systems. Better flowering process and biomass is increasing.

The Dalton´s knows Bednar from Meriden research field day.

Result references from year 2016/2017

Scott Morgan Three Springs 2.2T/ha non ripped 3.4T/ha Terraland ripped.
Peter Freeman Mullewa 3T/ha non ripped 4T/ha Terraland ripped.
Daniel CritchMullewa 1T/ha extra on Canola.
Richard Leeson Meckering 1T/ha extra on Canola.
Wags Siemer Esperance 1T/ha on Canola.
Tom Powell Binnu 1T/ ha extra on Wheat.
Rob KittoMullewa 1T /ha extra on Wheat.
Paul Messina 1T /ha extra on Wheat.