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We Launched ROW-MASTER RN 5400 S Demonstration Weeder with Excellent Results

We launched a new demonstration weeder, BEDNAR ROW-MASTER RN 5400 S, on a family farm owned by farmer Štěpán Koníček in the Dvůr Králové region. Mr. Koníček manages about 100 hectares of arable soil in the surroundings of Sadová and he is mainly involved in plant production (wheat, barley, rapeseed, sugar beet and potatoes). He knows BEDNAR very well as he has been using the SO 5000 seedbed cultivator and the Fenix FN 3000 share cultivator for many years. 

For the first weeding operation, we installed side disc screens, a section of three shares and a single-row end leveller. 

The easy installation and adjustment of the machine allowed for a fast transfer to the field with rapeseed where we could watch the excellent work of the CultiCam guiding system right away. “I was really surprised with the precision of the guiding system thanks to which we can weed closer to the plants and at a high speed. The machine works carefully and does not break plants, even in very sticky heavy soil. We drive at 6 to 7km per hour, which corresponds with 3 to 3.5 hectares per hour, and I believe we could work faster. I was a bit worried about its functionality in one of our fields where rapeseed did not sprout very well, but we can deal with this issue perfectly thanks to the camera scanning 3 rows at the same time,” Mr. Koníček comments

Over  two days, Mr. Koníček managed to weed 55 hectares of sugar beet, and as he said: “the weeder is perfect”. 

We got the same comment from six other customers in the same region as well as from Podkrkonoší, where private farmer Richard Menčík from Dobrá Voda u Hořic tested the weeder. He is also planning to use SWIFTER SO 5000 for sowing. 

The vegetation in each field is different, therefore easy and fast setting is important. í

The vegetation in each field is different, therefore easy and fast setting is important. 

I like the simplicity of setting. Working with such a machine is a joy, I don’t have to pay attention to it, the weeder is automatically guided into the row as soon as the arms are lowered, and all I need to do is to make sure I’m not driving on the rapeseed. The springs of the shares are tough enough to get into hard spots, which are typical in this region,” Mr. Menčík comments.

ROW-MASTER RN_S is offered in versions of 6, 12 and 18 rows, with sections for early use with three shares per cart, one share and two chisels for later use, and one chisel with turndown boots for deeper loosening and covering rapeseed. 

Ondřej Koníček
tel. +420 725 781 290