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Mulching Crop Residue for Healthy Vegetation

Prevention of spreading diseases and pests is a priority of any good farmer. One such measure is proper crop residue management. Even though it may seem that such an operation is too expensive and unnecessary, the opposite is true. Proper and fast crushing of crop residue can significantly reduce the costs of future protection of plants thanks to the prevention of their occurrence and spreading. And last but not least, the crushed crop residue decompose in soil after incorporation much faster, better and with a lower consumption of nitrogen. Naturally, the crop residue crushed by the mulcher is also easier incorporated into soil.

Folding the mulcher into the transport position and transporting it to the field is very easy and fast

Galvanized main parts of the machine and armour protection: the main competitive advantages of the machine

Decision for Quality

Zemědělské služby Dynín a.s., a group of farming organizations, knows that mulching pays off, and therefore they purchased the wide horizontal mulcher, MM 7000 with a width of 7 metres by BEDNAR. This machine has a strong rigid frame prepared for extreme seasonal outputs. As the only mulcher on the market, the main parts of the machine are galvanized, which significantly increases the resistance and durability of the machine, both with regard to the weather conditions and plant juices that are often very aggressive due to folic acids they contain. The bottom part of the machine is armoured to protect it from impacts with rocks. It is very important to use the corn knife set for crushing corn stubble. The set includes two knives, one above the other, which substantially improves the crushing effect on crop residue. 

The working width of MM 7000 is a respectable 7 metres 

Perfect and fast crushing of stubble field after corn for silage

High Daily Output

Mulcher MM 7000 is also convincing thanks to the high daily output. When first used in Dynín, they managed to mulch a corn stubble field with an area of 130 hectares in 13 hours, in spite of the fact that it was not a single field block. Mulching crop residue really pays off. And they know this in Dynín, therefore they do this activity, essential for modern agronomy. 

Result after the work of the mulcher

From the left: Dalibor Doubek, Manager of Agrochov Dynín, and Ladislav Máca, Set Operator


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