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Demonstration of Deep Cultivation with Profile Fertilisation

In mid-April, we arrived to West Bohemia with our show set in order to demonstrate deep cultivation together with profile fertilisation prior to sowing corn. We undercut at the depth of about 30 to 35cm, while applying fertiliser at the depth of 20cm.

Profile Fertilisation under Corn

This technology of deep soil cultivation from 25 to 55cm, together with the application of fertiliser into the soil profile, increases crops while reducing the costs. For a demonstration, we brought the front FERTI-BOX FB 2000 F with capacity of 2.000 litres that applied a dose of 110kg/ha of Amofos to the TERRALAND TN 3000 HD7R Profi chisel plough, which placed the fertiliser into the soil profile using the distribution head and the stainless application end pieces after each working part. The nutrition from the soil profile has a significantly positive effect on the root system and nutrition accessibility. Thanks to the hydraulic protection on the TERRALAND machine, we had no issues with getting over a rock and large stones and with placing the fertiliser.

Compatibility with Other BEDNAR Machines

FERTI-BOX is a universal metering device that can be used for profile fertilisation, surface fertilisation, or for sowing additional seeds. For example, in connection with the SWIFTERDISC cultivator, you can add nitrogen during stubble cultivation for better disintegration of post-harvest residue, or you can apply starting doses of the fertiliser when using SWIFTER for seedbed preparation. FERTI-BOX, whether front or rear, is equipped with a metering device from the OMEGA seed drill. The machine can be easily adjusted for sowing intercrop thanks to an easy replacement of the metering roller. FERTI-BOX can also be combined with other BEDNAR machines.

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