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A New Farming Simulator with BEDNAR FMT Machines Coming Soon

Modern agriculture today also exists in the virtual world. Take computers and game consoles, for example. You can practice farming and use state-of-the-art technology in your fields. And such technology also includes BEDNAR FMT machines. And what machines are these? What is the Farming Simulator? When will the new Farming Simulator 19 be available? Read on.

BEDNAR FMT machines in Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 will include 4 machines by BEDNAR FMT. In particular, the wide  SWIFTER SM 18000 seedbed cultivator with a width of 18.2m. You can perfectly prepare the seedbed in a single pass at a high working speed with this machine – even in coarse furrows. The work at the farm will be done fast thanks to the large operating width.

Other machines are aggregated into a single operating line, formed by a FERTI-BOX FB 3000, TERRALAND TO 6000 chisel plough, and a PRESSPACK PT 6000 mounted packer. In this case, you can cultivate soil at a depth of up to 55 cm with direct fertilisation and prepare the seedbed at the same time, all in a single pass, saving time and money.

Nový Farming Simulator se stroji BEDNAR FMT již brzy
Nový Farming Simulator se stroji BEDNAR FMT již brzy

What is Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator is a farming simulation developed by GIANTS Software. It is a game where you sit behind the wheel of a huge machine, process a model soil profile and sow cereal. Then, after several months, you harvest it all and make a profit from the crop. You can use the profit to modernise your fleet, or to expand the farm, just as in the real world.

When will Farming Simulator 19 be available?

The new edition of farming simulator will be much bigger than we are used to. There will be three hundred agricultural machines and many hours of fun. The game for PC, XBOX and Play Stations will be available from 20th November 2018.

Nový Farming Simulator se stroji BEDNAR FMT již brzy
Nový Farming Simulator se stroji BEDNAR FMT již brzy

A brief history of the Farming Simulator

The first edition came out in 2008. The players then could only sow wheat and use 2 tractors and 2 combine harvesters with a small variety of accessories. Everything changed in 2009. In addition to wheat, players could also sow barley, oil seed rape and corn. There was also more farming technology. The 2011 edition brought the option to breed cows and sell milk. Farming Simulator 2012 was only published for mobile devices and did not bring any revolutionary innovations.

In 2013, the 5th edition was published, expanding the offer of crops, agricultural machines and animals, and also offering the option to purchase land and expand the farm. Farming Simulator 14 and then 15 brought much more realistic graphic design, better texture quality, and an improved game environment. To make the game more interesting, there was an option to manage a forest and breed animals. Also, new machines were added. Farming Simulator 16 was also only available for mobile devices.

The last edition for PC and game consoles was published in 2017. It brought a nicer graphic design, a new map and many new machines. There have been several extensions of the series. In one of them, 2017 Big Bud Pack, the agricultural technology by BEDNAR FMT was introduced for the first time. To be more specific, it was the SWIFTER SM 18000 seedbed cultivator. Farming Simulator 18 was also published only for mobile devices and pocket consoles but this will now change – the brand new version, 19, will also be available for PCs and game consoles.

We wish you a lot of joy from both real and virtual crops!


Ing. Zdeněk Souhrada, BEDNAR FMT s.r.o.
Marketing Specialist