Blitz demonstration of SwifterDisc XE 10000 in Estonia

Bednar’s importer in Estonia Stokker Agri has recently delivered new John Deere 8295R tractor to big potato, wheat, rape seed farm.  We dropped in to discuss a cultivation tool to load the new workhorse properly.  As everybody knows best selling tool of tillage machinery is in field demonstration.  Fortunately farmers old disc cultivator was preparing seedbed and his neighbours SwifterDisc XE 10000 was doing the same nearby.  So we called the big yellow machine to the farmer’s field.  Watch it yourself!

SwifterDisc XE 10000 just arrived

OK, it’s productive.  What about work quality?

Seedbed by farmer’s current machine (to be fair discs have lost 15% of its diameter due to wear)

Seedbed by SwifterDisc XE 10000.  Nicely flat and consistent. 

Stokker Agri’s product manager Ergo Viil giving the farmer walk around the machine.

Profile of the winner.  Can’t see too much? Because it is too far ahead:)



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