Kombinat Rolny Kietrz, a Polish company near the Czech border, now uses a BEDNAR ROW-MASTER RN 12 000 S inter-row cultivator with a width of 12 metres. In aggregation with a John Deere tractor, they have been weeding 1,500 hectares of sugar beet since spring. Continue reading for more information about the company as well as weeding.

The Farming and Trading Cooperative of StarosedlskýHrádekin in the Příbram District mostly works with BEDNAR agricultural technology in aggregation with John Deere tractors. The Cooperative owns ten BEDNAR machines so far. They purchased the first one in 2001, and the last one this spring. And what machines are they? What is their experience? You can learn a lot of other information from ZOD StarosedlskýHrádek in this article.

BEDNAR presents the novelties in its machine portfolio. In 2019, a total of 7 machines will be introduced to the market, from soil cultivators to seed drills and fertilisation machines.


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