The Nadezhdinka farm in North Kazakhstan uses the legendary Kirovets K-700 tractor in aggregation with a TERRALAND TN 3000 M7R chisel plough to cultivate their farm land. The farm manages an area of 15,000 ha, where they mostly grow spring wheat. Why did they purchase a chisel plough? What are the benefits? What conditions are there in Kazakhstan? Let’s have a look at all of that in this article.

Chinese agriculture is developing and the older technology no longer meets the modern demands. Last year, BEDNAR delivered the first seed drills to China. In spring 2018, there were pilot demonstrations for prospective buyers. We could not miss events of such importance.

View the unique document on inter-row cultivation that was prepared for you by BEDNAR FMT in cooperation with specialists and Czech and agriculturists. You will learn the advantages and use of cultivation in modern farming and other useful information.

Terraland allowed Mulder´s family to seed at early date despite wet spring

Mulder´s family farming in Canada purchased Terraland TN 4000 to solve their drainage issues. Thanks to this solution they were able to avoid summer fallow. They seeded their field with barley and canola at the latest agronomy date. One of the main factors for acquiring Terraland was that is was only product available on the market and they liked the design.

Mulder family started farming in 2013 after their long life business with dairies. Their farmland of 1800 acres consists of canola (500 acres), wheat (400 acres), feed barley (300 acres), malt barley (150 acres), hay (220 acres) and oats (160 acres). They keep 3 year rotation cycle of wheat, barley and canola with slight changes according to their needs.

Mulder family has to cope with severe and unexpected weather that can change on prairies within an hour. Luckily most of their last year crop has been harvested before the early snow fall in October. Long winter had put high pressure on early seeding.

Mulder´s family farms east of Camrose, AB, Canada on alcaline soils, medium heavy clay soils

Nick (son), Hetti and Henrik Mulder have been benefiting from using Terraland TN 4000. They could seed the field earlier than their neighbours despite very wet spring

However when all the snow melted out there were drainage issues on their fields. They asked local Bednar distributor Pentagon Farm Center for a demo of Terraland TN 4000. After a few hours of working they decided the Terraland stays at their farm. „We asked Rene Vangeerenstein for a demo. We worked with the machine for two days and it did exactly what we needed. We decided the machine stays with us,“ Henrik Mulder said.

They used Terraland on 300 acres this with Fendt 933 Vario (336 HP) at speed 10 km/h. It all took just 28 hours at a fuel consumption of 8 litres per acre. Without having Terraland their field would stay summer fallow due to late agronomic dates they would have had. They are looking to work their next fields in fall as they feel that is the best timing for achieving best results. „We have seeded 270 acres with feed barley and 30 acres was canola. The crops look very nice. We are going to renew our next fields in fall,“ he adds.

Canola crop on subsoiled field is 3 feet tall

Mulder´s family hope for good crops. They have extended their storage facility on their farm to handle most of their crop

When asked what were the main reasons why they decided to acquire Terraland Mr Mulder says: „The machine is well built. Furthermore there was nothing else like that on the market. What we have done with the machine speaks for itself. The soil had dried out and warmed up faster. It allowed us to complete seeding at an earlier date.“

Deep Soil Cultivation Prior to Sowing Oil seed rape with Chisel Plough Using Cutter-disc S

The Jiří Jetleb & Son farm manages about 680 hectares of mostly heavy soils in the municipality of Vrdy in the district of Kutná Hora. Last year, they asked their seller of agricultural technology, Agrometall Heřmanův Městec, for a machine that would solve the basic soil preparation before sowing oil seed rape as their standard tillage technology could not be used on a part of their land due to extreme drying of the soil profile. Agrometall leased the Terraland TN 3000 demonstration machine, with hydraulic protection of the working parts, and as Mr. Jetleb Sr. states, they would not be able to process 100 hectares for oil seed rape without the machine.

Overall, they used the machine for 200ha and they could already see an improvement in the condition of crops during autumn and spring in comparison with tillage technology. That was confirmed during harvest when the crops planted after the deep cultivation by Terraland showed higher yield. Therefore, this year they purchased their own Terraland TN 3000 HD7R chisel plough in the Profi version with the rear cutter-disc section. Thanks to the cutter discs, they can achieve perfect soil structure for sowing as early as after the first soil cultivation.

The machine operator, Mr. Radek Stoklasa says that working with Terraland is better than with a traditional plough.

The mean Diesel consumption for processing depth of 35 – 40cm is 18L/ha with an hourly output of 2.8ha.

When we came to look at the machine, they had processed about 100ha in Vrdy and Jiří Jetleb Jr. judged the machine with a smile: “We undercut at approx. 40cm while using 18 litres of Diesel per hectare on average, with an hourly output of 2.8ha. We learned last year what to expect from this technology and so far we assess its operation as very good and beneficial.” Richard Stoklasa, the tractor driver, used deep cultivation on a field called Tupárov right across from the Jetleb farm, with an area of 61ha. He said that they used to till the field before but that was usually very demanding with regard to energy consumption and inefficient.

The Terraland TN 3000 Profi chisel plough that provides ideal soil structure for sowing oil seed rape is at work on the Jetleb Farm.

A single pass of Terraland Profi creates suitable conditions for sowing oil seed rape.

They process soil at a depth of 35 to 40cm, disturb the subsoil compaction, all of which with lower fuel consumption and higher output. The field was harvested on 30 July, the winter wheat, Rebel species, reached an average crop of 7.7t/ha, and all straw was crushed and left in the field. Immediately after the harvest, DAM in the dose of 130kg/ha was applied, and shallow stubble cultivation with a disc cultivator was done. After ten days from the stubble cultivation, the field is processed by the newly purchased Terraland Profi. Just before sowing, the field is fertilised with NPK in the dose of 200kg/ha, incorporated by a share compactor, followed by a disc seed drill that will plant the oil seed rape. If they tilled the field, they would have to use a short disc stubble cultivator to adjust the furrows, and they would need at least two passes due to the heavy soil. Terraland saves at least two passes. The savings are not only in time, which there is never enough in this summer season, but mostly in the financial representation given by fuel savings in approx. 16 litres per hectare, and by savings in financial resources for the operation of the tractor and the driver. On the Jetleb Farm, that is a saving of about 100 to 150 thousand CZK in relation to the number of passes in the seedbed preparation, only for the seedbed preparation of 200ha of oil seed rape..

We would like to thank Mr. Jetleb Sr. and Jr. for their trust when purchasing the machine and we wish them all the best in the coming years.


“The Long Life chisels last six times longer than regular chisels in our conditions. They proved to be very beneficial during the dry period and proved themselves so we no longer use any other chisels on the machine,” says Jiří Mátl, the Mechanisation Technician of the Budíškovice Coop.

Field test with a Terraland in Canada

Most of the farms in the Canadian prairie are fighting every year with early snow and frosts. Late harvests and big differences between days force them to focus mainly on the harvests. But what about the soil treatment? Is it good to leave the soil to fight with plant residues itself? Is it good to leave the top -soil closed during the winter season or not?Bednar research and development continues in the Canadian province with the co-operation of Gerard Bles who is helping on the first developments together with Bednar FMT and a Terraland TN 4000 HD9R in Canada. Terraland technology is based on experience from Bednar’s long term sales and research with the Terraland all over the World. Together with Gerard’s farm knowledge is carrying out the first field test on his own farm.

Situation on the Canadian prairie fields

The soil type is mostly sandy loam with a pH from 6 to 9 and good organic matter up to 6 % or higher. The soil is typically dry powder during the season due to a sandy element, this is the main problem from wind erosion and usually after the harvest at the end of the season. The assumption of soil from Bednar experience is also a problem with hard pan too- this usually happens in sandy soil types where the deep tillage mechanization is on a very low/zero technology level.
The farmers have problems with wet and standing water on the fields this year, (this result is possibly from the hard pan) where the moisture has no chance to drain into the ground. Blocking the soil capillarity is a common aeromechanic problem. Therefore usage of the Terraland soil technology must help, with deep soil compaction, water capillarity, pH homogenization and water “pools”! On top of the fields.

The Terraland TN 4000 HD7R worked on a typical prairie field, it was already covered in snow so the Terraland had a lot to do, whether it could handle stubbles, snow and a non-ripped field. The result from one pass was great. Gerard quote: “Stubble on top, to prevent wind erosion and little dips from the spikes to drain our melting snow in springtime.
I had a farmer looking at the Terraland and he is very impressed with it, he said, it is about time that we started to deal with soil compaction. We pretend we do not have this problem, but we do big time “.

Facts from the field test

•    Depth 18″. (about 40 to 45 cm deep).
•    Speed 6.5 km up to 12.5 km/ hour in the same field.
•    On the Fendt monitor it showed 4 hectare per hour.
•    Did about 650 acres (250ha) with hardened tips of 40 mm which showed no wear.
•    It handles heavy residue very well with no blocking.
•    The Fendt measures 420 cm wide, the optional spike rollers on the back make the dual tracks disappear.

Juraj Skolka
Sales manager
+420 725 878 625

BEDNAR importer 4AG in New Zealand gets ready for all conditions: Part 2.

After the successful outdoor show in Gore, 4AG starts its first demonstrations of the new model of ATLAS HO 6000 around the Christchurch area. This area is well known as good farming land with high demand, customers located here have a variety of soil types as the area spans from mountain to ocean level, with various plant and animal production.

The machine itself with a robust body frame is predicted to operate in hard soils with lots of plant residues. This was the case in demonstrating on the Stratford Farm. The farmers are also animal producers as nearly the whole of New Zealand traditionally is. For this reason, it is necessary for high quality milk products to have high quality food for animals. The process of grass land maintenance is the topping, which is provided by mulchers and then a disking process. Which can be a problem in some cases for disc harrows, although it was not for the ATLS HO even though the grass has a strong root connection system and the land is compacted after the cattle’s pasture.

Darren & Hamish Raikes, with Clint Jordan (machinery & cropping operations manager for Canterbury Contracting) inspecting the company’s Swifterdisc XE 10000. Canterbury Contracting is the equipment division of one of New Zealand’s largest corporate dairy farming business, Dairy Holdings Ltd, this business operates 58 seperate dairy farms across 14,000 hectares spread throughout the South Island of New Zealand, milking 46,000 cows! The total business produces 16.2 million kg of milksolids each season! The 10mtr machine has worked 2800ha in 18 months (location, Rakaia, South Island)

Kevin Hermansen (owner) and Paul Glover (operations manager) of Hermansen Contracting Ltd, Norsewood with Hamish Raikes (MD of 4AG Ltd) standing by their Bednar Terraland TN3000D7R chisel plough.  Hermansen also operates a Swifterdisc XO5000F short disc harrow (location, Norsewood, New Zealand)

Mark McCully commenting on the first passes with the ATLAS: „Very nice job even after the first pass, we usually make two passes as we really need to decompact the soil and the root systems, sometimes we make a third pass when the grass seeds are re-grown. With the atlas these operations take much less time because and I can easily reach 15 km/h, for the test purposes I went round at 10cm depth with the disc and tried to go faster than that. My tractor reached 19 km/h and the atlas stayed stuck to the ground and the job done was great too, this machine has big potential on the grass land here in New Zealand.“

Graeme Anderson from the contracting company: „Our company owns land with cereals and we are providing lots of contracting jobs, for us the machine has to be somehow universal and most important is the easy set up to change the depth quickly and quickly transport, as our customers are situated in different places.“

Darren Raikes with Simon Broom of S.W Broom Contracting, with his Swifterdisc XE 10000. Based in Culverden, North Canterbury, Brooms‘ business has grown with the massive dairy farming and irrigation growth in this district.

Hamish & Darren Raikes, with Mark McCully of Stratford Farming, Ashburton, demonstration of Atlas HO 6000 into grass seed sward, machine performed well at working speeds of 16-20km/h!! Stratfords is a large farming operation, cropping, livestock, potatoes, dairy.  In the back ground is the Southern Alps,  the main mountain range of the South Island

Rod Gimblett: “We are already using a Bednar MULCHER MM 7000 for grass-topping and we really would like to see the ATlAS HO working on our lands. This is the machine which we are missing, if the job done is like it is here I will definitely be satisfied”.

Users experience with deep soil tillage – Part 7

In the new series, we will be presenting to you our farmers´ experience in deep soil tillage. During 2014, we made videos for you to watch in various parts of the Czech Republic. Every Monday, for seven weeks, we are going to present a short video with many valuable findings using the extensive experience gained by many of you. For farmers who use a TERRALAND chisel plough.

In the new series, we will be presenting to you our farmers´ experience in deep soil tillage. During 2014, we made videos for you to watch in various parts of the Czech Republic. Every Monday, for seven weeks, we are going to present a short video with many valuable findings using the extensive experience gained by many of you. For farmers who use a TERRALAND chisel plough.


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