Greening using a Ferti-Box on a SwifterDisc XE

As a result of requirements from the European Union there are now increased demands for more frequent usage of cover crops in a crop rotation system. This requirement is very problematic especially for farmers who have a larger acreage and are fighting against time. One ofthe  options on how to establish a vegetation of cover crops on large farms is using a combination of a Ferti-Box and a wide disc cultivator, the SwifterDisc XE 10000.

Establishment of cover crops with Ferti-Box in France

A pioneer of this method is Mr.Brueder, who farms in France in an area of approximately 1,000 hectares. Mr. Brueder establishes a mustard crop directly into a stubble. Mustard seeds are pneumatically transported to the distribution head which is placed on the SwifterDisc XE 10000 disc cultivator. The distribution head divides the mustards seeds which pass through hoses to applicators positioned in front of the rear packer of the cultivator. This solution offers other possible uses for the Ferti-Box hopper on farms.

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