High quality seedbed preparation on ZP Vasil Dimitrov farm brings success

Dimitrov’s farm cultivates ap. 500 hectares around small village Proxlada located in Dulovo region. Farm started from the beginning only several years ago as part of ex –agricultural cooperative which was farming in Proxlada during communism time. Mr.Vasil Dimitrov brought new direction of farming.

From grain trading in real farming

The core business of Mr.Dimitrov is already many years grain trading by coincidence during last years he became a successful farmer as well. “ I took over land in Proxlanda in very poor conditions. It needed several decisions to manage farm in right direction, one of them was a change old machinery for new modern machines which can bring much better quality of work, realibility and naturally daily performance as well.” says Mr.Dimitrov

Old equipment was substituted by new machines

New Swifter SO 6000 prepared seebed on Dimitrov’s farm

Uniform germination key to success

The one of the first investments which was a logical one was put in tractor follows investments in equipment. “ Seedbed cultivation in traditional way of farming with plough is the basic thing. Moreover in minimul-tillage systems seedbed cultivators are coming also used more and more as well. The positionig of seeds which used to be every years more expensive in same depth in whole working width of machine is a key for uniform growing.” comments Veselin Petkov (Area Manager Bednar FMT).

Seedbed must be created in whole working width in the same working depth. Working depth of Swifter can be adjusted precisely with hydraulic system.

Crops need excellent access of soil moisture and warm. It means seeds must to be placed not too deep or not too shallow. About success or unsuccess decides right seedbed preparation.

Good crop means good yield

ZP VASIL DIMITROV was testing several seedbed cultivators in last year, one of them was also Swifter SO. „We have prepared 300 hectarers of soil with Swifter before planting corn and sunflower this spring. All our crops looks very nice . Machine was able to create accurate seedbed and levelled our plots. My fields of corn and sunflower are one of the best in our region.“ adds Mr.Dimitrov

Uniform growth of corn on Dimitrov’s farm. Picture done close to Proxlada village.

Uniform growth of sunflower on Dimitrov’s farm. Picture done close to Proxlada village.


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