Positive impressions about SwifterDisc XE 10000 from large UK farm

Successful demonstration took place in a 7000 acre farm in Norfolk, predominantly cereals and oil seed rape. The farm has introduced controlled traffic and are basing it around 10m so they have a 10m drill, a 6m deep cultivator which that has been cut back to 5m and is taking delivery of a 30m self-propelled sprayer shortly.

The intension is to work shallow to encourage a seed chit prior to spraying it off. The field where the video was taken was winter barley and farm manager wanted to work this very shallow because they were going to plant it with stubble turnips.  After initial run the farm manager walked into the field, said the machine was working to deep so depth was reduced and cultivator ran again. That was enough to make the farm happy eventhough at such depth it was impossible taking out the combine tracks.

Positive comments from the operator were the cultivator is simple to use and is very stable, it doesn’t bounce about like some of the other machines.

Gytis Slavinskas
Region: Baltic States 


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