Striegel-Pro, An experience from Germany

The Bednar Striegel pro PE 12000 differs considerably from other conventional and well known machines of this type. The main basis when developing this machine was for versatility and labour saving operations, and even for spraying glyphosate.

Mr. Karl-Friedrich Dierkes, owner of the eponymous farm in Grobtreben on the Elbe is a person who thinks this way and goes to great lengths to achieve efficient machine utilisation. It was here in the Elbe region where there are solid and heavy soil properties on hourly tables. Mr. Dierkes has used for several years now a straw harrow with a width of 18 metres, with tines of a diameter of 14 mm and a spacing of 100 mm, from another manufacturer. Based on practical experience the use of this mechanical straw harrow for the control of weeds and volunteers proved insufficient.

The Bednar machine, the Striegel-PRO PE 12 is a six-row machine with hydraulic adjustment of the angle and pressure. The tines have a diameter of 16 mm and a whole spacing of only 50 mm, which in conjunction with the movement of tines during the work, leads to a very intensive tillage.

The first setting of the Striegel-Pro we used was on a field after the harvest of oilseed rape, which was first mulched and further processed using the Striegel-Pro. The entire area was processed to a 4cm depth in one pass, while disrupting the root system of volunteers and weeds. In this way the simply disturbed “green bridge” and slugs do not get any chance to flourish. During the work the tractor computer showed an average consumption of 2.1-2.2 litres / ha. At an average speed of 20 km / h.  We have reached a performance 24 ha / h.

Then we had a test on a field of barley stubble which had already been cultivated by a disc cultivator and tine cultivator. The photo shows that the new plants had already sprouted again. After one pass of the Striegel-Pro the field was ready for seeding.

Josef Schlüter
Sales Manager


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