Terraland allowed Mulder´s family to seed at early date despite wet spring

Mulder´s family farming in Canada purchased Terraland TN 4000 to solve their drainage issues. Thanks to this solution they were able to avoid summer fallow. They seeded their field with barley and canola at the latest agronomy date. One of the main factors for acquiring Terraland was that is was only product available on the market and they liked the design.

Mulder family started farming in 2013 after their long life business with dairies. Their farmland of 1800 acres consists of canola (500 acres), wheat (400 acres), feed barley (300 acres), malt barley (150 acres), hay (220 acres) and oats (160 acres). They keep 3 year rotation cycle of wheat, barley and canola with slight changes according to their needs.

Mulder family has to cope with severe and unexpected weather that can change on prairies within an hour. Luckily most of their last year crop has been harvested before the early snow fall in October. Long winter had put high pressure on early seeding.

Mulder´s family farms east of Camrose, AB, Canada on alcaline soils, medium heavy clay soils

Nick (son), Hetti and Henrik Mulder have been benefiting from using Terraland TN 4000. They could seed the field earlier than their neighbours despite very wet spring

However when all the snow melted out there were drainage issues on their fields. They asked local Bednar distributor Pentagon Farm Center for a demo of Terraland TN 4000. After a few hours of working they decided the Terraland stays at their farm. „We asked Rene Vangeerenstein for a demo. We worked with the machine for two days and it did exactly what we needed. We decided the machine stays with us,“ Henrik Mulder said.

They used Terraland on 300 acres this with Fendt 933 Vario (336 HP) at speed 10 km/h. It all took just 28 hours at a fuel consumption of 8 litres per acre. Without having Terraland their field would stay summer fallow due to late agronomic dates they would have had. They are looking to work their next fields in fall as they feel that is the best timing for achieving best results. „We have seeded 270 acres with feed barley and 30 acres was canola. The crops look very nice. We are going to renew our next fields in fall,“ he adds.

Canola crop on subsoiled field is 3 feet tall

Mulder´s family hope for good crops. They have extended their storage facility on their farm to handle most of their crop

When asked what were the main reasons why they decided to acquire Terraland Mr Mulder says: „The machine is well built. Furthermore there was nothing else like that on the market. What we have done with the machine speaks for itself. The soil had dried out and warmed up faster. It allowed us to complete seeding at an earlier date.“


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