MULCHER MO is a mounted single rotary cutter that mulches perennial grasslands and crop residue in arable soils, or self seeded trees.

The MO model is manufactured with a galvanised hot dip finish and is an excellent option for smaller farms, municipalities or mulching the vegetation in the woods.

The machine is aggregated to a tractor with 3-point category II. hitch.

Steel supporting wheelsHot-dipgalvanized frame Spreading deflector Armoured protection4 blades setFront counter blades
Concept Mulcher MO
Machine type: single rotor mounted rotary cutter
Operating components: 2 sets of blades positioned on 2 levels (1. pair of straight blades, 2. pair of angled blades)
Securing: friction clutch, rotor housing
Usage: mulching of perennial grassland, non grazed patches, crop residue in arable soils (sunflower, maize, etc.), self-seeded trees
Working operations: grinding crop residue into smaller pieces, the distribution of crop residue throughout the entire width of the machine


Thorough cutting of all kinds of crop residue. 2 pairs of angled blades in combination with counter blades.

High resistance in all conditions due to the zinc coating of the machines. Rotor housing and friction clutch provide protection against damage.

A perfect assistant in the most challenging conditions even in conjunction with lower performance tractors.

Agronomic advantages of the machine

  1. Quality mulching of grassland and vegetal remnants on arable land.
  2. High crumbling effect of the machine = easy and fast disintegration of mulched material.
  3. Even spreading of mulched material.
  4. Easy embedding of mulched vegetal residue = higher quality of machine labour for soil cultivation.
  1. Effective combating of the european corn borer due to the elimination of dormancy conditions = saving costs on chemical repellents and an increase of the yield by reducing damage levels.
  2. Use the machine within the conventional farming system (after ploughing) and in the minimization system.
  3. Extending and maintaining production areas due to the easy mulching of bushes growing along the edges of fields and pastures.
  4. Meeting required agricultural deadlines = the design of the machine allows for quality production even at high speeds.

Why mulching

Stubble management
To achieve quality stubble cultivation that enables a fast decay of the after-harvest residue, growth of seeds that fell out from the previous harvest and an excellent preparation of the seedbed for following crops, quality mulching of vegetal residue is important. Swift decay of vegetal residue is one of the basic foundations for establishing future growth.

Vegetal residue cut to a length of 3–5 cm decay faster and all of the further working steps are easier with better results, which means lower costs and a higher yield. The time between harvest and field preparation for winter crops is shortened due to increasingly unpredictable weather conditions. That is why the daily output is more important than ever. It is this feature that truly makes every single model of the Mulcher machine range excel.


The combine can leave a higher stubble field allowing for higher speeds that save up to 40 % of fuel consumption.


Combines can leave a higher stubble field, which means the processing of a smaller amount of material = lower combine wear. the stubble field will be further processed by the bednar rotary cutter, which allows for an increase of up to 50 % of the combine output.


Quality disintegration of maize remnants eliminates a portion of the european corn borer larvae, and it prevents the dormant hibernation of those remaining. this system saves costs on further chemical treatments and provides you with the ideal conditions for a higher yield.

Safety and protection

High level of protection, high level of user comfort
An important component of all BEDNAR rotary cutters is that a large amount of the designs components provide safe machine operation and high user comfort level. The simple construction characterises the MO, MZ and MM rotary cutters, this design is the perfect foundation for a long lifespan of the machine. This is extended even further by the zinc-coating on the surface. This provides excellent shielding against the elements and acidic vegetal juices.

Not only is every rotor fitted with safety components, but also the propeller shaft between the rotary cutter and tractor has the same equipment. The only exception is the single-rotor rotary cutter which is protected by a friction coupling against overloading, and also against a mass transfer of force during after-running. Additionally every rotor is protected with a case at the bottom section, which enables you to operate the machine at a very low working height.


The BEDNAR rotary cutter gear components are protected against damage (collisions, e. g. with stones etc.) with the help of a friction coupling that automatically halts all gear processes. The propeller shaft of each rotor is equipped with a friction coupling.


The MZ and MM rotary cutter propeller shaft comes equipped with a freewheel clutch (MO-friction coupling) that prevents the transfer of the twist moment to the tractor from the back, and this in turn protects the P. T. O. from damage caused by a sudden reduction in rpm of the tractor engine.


All P.T.O. shafts on the BEDNAR rotary cutters are equipped with direct greasing. The lubrication point is placed in the centre of the P.T.O., from which point the lubricant can reach the whole of the P.T.O. This results in comfortable, fast and easy maintenance.

Single-rotor rotary cutter mounted

High output on smaller acreage
BEDNAR Mulcher MO is mounted with a single-rotor, rotary cutters for low-efficiency tractors (60 HP), which are manufactured with a working width of 2,25 m. Thanks to the small dimensions (a width of 2,45 m and a length of 3,05 m), weight of the machine (750 kg) and hook-up to a 3-point linkage (cat. II.) the MO rotary cutter excels and can be manoeuvred with ease, that enables it to work in some very challenging terrain.

Just like the MZ and MM the MO type also has a zinc-coated surface which substantially prolongs its lifespan. The machine can be customised with iron plating for safe operation in harsh conditions. Easy manoeuvrability in combination with a high output predetermined the machine to be used in those areas where accessibility is challenging whilst still requiring a steady high daily output despite the conditions.


The sub-rotor section of the MO machine is sold as those of the MZ and MM type, i.e. 4 blades per rotor, ironing, front counter blade and a spreading plate. The combination of these components ensures quality work in all conditions.


The mulching height of the mo type is set with tractor arms, if needed on the rear support wheels with the help of a distance underlay.


Mo rotary cutters can be equipped with rear support wheels that facilitate surface traction. at the same time they also help the tractor carry a part of the machine load.

Working Tools

Corn Blades

Corn Blades

4 pcs / Rotor


3-Point Linkage

3-Point Linkage

Cat. II.


Support Wheels

Support Wheels

Front Counter Blades

Front Counter Blades

Reforced Armored Protection

Reforced Armored Protection

Protection for Stony Terrains

Spreading Deflectors

Spreading Deflectors

Working width m 2.25
Transport width m 2.45
Number of rotors pcs 1
Input speed 1/min 540
Recommended output* HP 60 - 80
Total Weight** kg 680
Number of blades per rotor pcs 4

* depends on soil conditions
** depends on the machine accessories






  • 1 - KM060131 BLADE 1
  • 2 - KM060130 BLADE 1
  • 3 - 00021142 SCREW 1
  • 4 - 00021234 COVER 1
  • 5 - 00021422 HOUSING 1
  • 6 - 00021158 PLAQUE 1
  • 7 - KM000228 NUT 1
Armour plates set

Armour plates set


  • 1 - 00785717 SEGMENT 4
  • 2 - KM000320 SCREW 24
  • 3 - KM000733 NUT 24
Front counterblade

Front counterblade


  • 1 - KM060108 BLADE 1
  • 2 - 00021099 HOLLOW SECTION 1
  • 3 - KM000295 SCREW 1
  • 4 - KM000005 WASHER 1
  • 5 - KM000057 NUT 1