CUTTERPACK CT is a detachable packer composed of 2 rows of self-cleaning Cutter discs.

The cutter discs cut crop residue, lumps, and cover crop residue and afterwards levels the surface so that the field is ready for sowing.

The Cutterpack is equipped with a telescopic drawbar, which significantly reduces the transport length.

Telescopic drawbar 2 rows of Cutter discs (520 x 5mm), self-cleaning effect of discs
Concept Cutterpack CT
Machine type: trailed packer
Operating components: 2 rows of Cutter discs 520 mm
Compatible with machines: Terraland TO, Fenix FO/FO_L
Usage: to create a seedbed after the previous field operation
Working operations: cuts crop residue and clods and levels the fields


A trailed packer which you can use for crushing clods after the previous operation.

The Cutterpack is formed of 2 rows of self-cleaning Cutter discs.

You can use the packer separately or in combination with some of our machines.

Working Tools

Cutterpacker Rings

Cutterpacker Rings


Ball Pin

Ball Pin


Towing Eye

Towing Eye

35 mm • 40 mm • 51 mm

CUTTERPACK CT CT 4000 CT 5000 CT 6000
Working width m 4,6 5,3 6,3
Transport width m 2,5 2,5 2,5
Transport length m 3,8 3,8 3,8
Number of Discs pcs 40 46 54
Recommended output* HP 35 45 55
Total Weight** kg 1770 - 1970 1870 - 2070 1950 - 2150

* depends on soil conditions
** depends on the machine accessories