GALAXY GE are pulled field rollers with a low centre of gravity, large throughput and excellent surface contouring. 

The working sections of Galaxy GE packers overlap each other and allow independent surface contouring with constant down-pressure on each working section thanks to the system of hydraulic down-pressure on the sections.  Hydraulic down-pressure on the sections ensures a uniform distribution of weight among the individual sections. 

Galaxy GE packers are equipped with springs on ring shafts which put a permanent side pressure on the individual rings – such system eliminates free play between the individual rings which might occur while working. 

Galaxy GE can be fitted with different types of rings. 

Track cultivators Crush bar - front hydraulic leveller (paddles/knives) Springs on shafts define potential clearance between rings Various types of rollers Perfect tracing Drawbar for the top or bottom linkage Hydraulic down-pressure of sections Alfa Drill for sowing cover crops Universal frame for various types of rollers
Machine type trailed packer
Operating components cambridge rings (combination of smooth – 510 mm and serrated – 530 mm)
Accessories track cultivators, front hydraulic levelling bar – Crushbar (paddles/blades), front tine harrows, box for stones, lights, Alfa Drill
The packer can be combined with Terraland TO, Fenix FO/FO_L
Application seedbed preparation, rolling after spring sowing, rolling after autumn sowing, disruption of the soil crust, consolidation and levelling of the soil, attachment behind another machine, sowing of catch crops


Spring on the shaft which puts constant down-pressure on the individual rings bringing them towards each other. Limitation of free play between the individual rings.

Front hydraulic levelling bar – Crushbar. Ideal equipment for surface levelling and re-consolidation of the soil using packers.

Compact transport on the road as the working sections can be folded over the tow bar.






ALFA Drill

ALFA Drill

Pneumatic Sowing Machine

GALAXY GE GE 8300 GE 9000
Working width m 8.3 9.2
Transport width m 2.97 2.68
Transport length m 5.85 6.2
Recommended output* HP 100 - 150 120 - 170
Total weight - cambridge rings (510/530 in diameter) kg 4600 - 6000 5500 - 6800
Number of working sections pc 3 5

*depends on the machine accessories