ATLAS AN is a mounted disc cultivator of short design which is able to incorporate a large amount of crop residues in one passage.

The discs measuring 620 x 6 mm allow you to perform deeper stubble-tillage at up to 16 cm, mixing crop residues and the soil intensely.

The AN model is equipped with non-stop spring securing of each disc which increases pressure on the soil and thus ensures better entry of the discs into the soil. Furthermore, the tines are attached to the frame through the maintenance-free Flexi-Box system (no lubrication).

Three-point linkage Spacious frame with an option for extra load transport width of 3m Hydraulic lifting of side discs for the rows with high permeability Notched discs or A-discs with the diameter of 620mm in two Non-st op spring protection Hydraulic setting of the operating depth Various types of packers
Concept Swifterdisc XN
Machine type mounted disc cultivator of short design
Operating components 2 rows of 620x6 mm discs  (serrated discs or aggressive A-discs)
rear packer (rod, segmental, roadpacker, spring, V-ring, U-ring, double U-ring, double-roll)
Securing individual non-stop spring system
Application deep and fast cultivation with the possibility to incorporate a large amount of crop residues
Working operations loosening the surface layer, cutting crop residues, uniform mixing of crop residues, disruption of capillarity, levelling and compaction


The patented Flexi-Box system features zero-maintenance pin placing of each disc tine.

Large discs of 620x6 mm in diameter for work in tough soil conditions with a large amount of crop residues.

Possibility of hydraulic lifting of the discs at the machine edges.

ATLAS AN AN 3000 AN 3500
Working width m 3 3.5
Transport width m 3 3.5
Transport length m 3 3.3
Working depth* cm 6 - 16 6 - 16
Number of Discs pcs 24 28
Total Weight** kg 2600 - 2800 2800 - 3350
Recommended output** HP 150 - 240 170 - 260

* depends on soil conditions
** depends on the machine accessories