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FERTI-BOX FB 1500 TN is designed for current or future users of the TERRALAND TN chisel ploughs. The hopper with a capacity of 1,500 litres is integrated directly onto the frame of the chisel plough. The fertiliser is delivered to the dispensing mechanism by a hydraulically controlled screw conveyor and then pneumatically to the application end pieces of the chisel plough.

Ferti-Box FB 1500 TN is a pressure hopper! This design increases batch accuracy, particularly of fertilisers that are more demanding on distribution. The advantage of the Ferti-Box FB 1500 TN in connection with the Terraland TN chisel ploughs is the option of soil profile fertilisation, also available for small farmers.

Machine Type: mounted hopper
Operating Components: single-chamber hopper, one dispenser
Usage: nutrition of the root system during vegetation and for starting up growth
WORKING OPERATIONS: fertilisation into the profile (supply fertilisation) with granulated fertiliser, can also be used for extensive seeding, e.g. for intercrop. 


It is a pressure hopper

Terraland TN + Ferti-Box FB 1500 TN

Pneumatic distribution of fertiliser from the seeding mechanism to the application end pieces

Volume l 1500
Number of dosing systems pcs 1
Total weight kg 500